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101. Chinese Apocalypse Fiction with Xueting Christine Ni

October 17, 2022
Coffee in Space
101. Chinese Apocalypse Fiction with Xueting Christine Ni
Show Notes

I have a special place in my heart (and my TBR pile) for apocalypse fiction. What I had never understood was the difference between eastern and western ideas about apocalypse. In my typical western mindset, I just assumed everyone viewed it more or less the same.

Boy, was I wrong! Like, epically wrong. And I'm so grateful that I have a friend like Xueting to help me figure it out. I'm still ignorant, but at least I know just how ignorant I am. Thank you, Xueting.

Xueting also appeared in episode 62 on the show, to talk about her big translation project called Sinopticon, which you can get HERE.

In our episode, Xueting referenced Tang Fei's The Path to Freedom in addition to other fiction from Chinese authors. The Starship Library, found in Sinopticon, can be found HERE, and we discussed that book in episode 62. We also discuss The Wandering Earth, which can be watched on Netflix and the book can be found HERE.

You can learn more about Xueting's work at her website HERE. You can also catch up with her latest news at her Twitter feed HERE.

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