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107. Indie Bookstore Blues (and success!) with Niki Manbeck

February 07, 2023
Coffee in Space
107. Indie Bookstore Blues (and success!) with Niki Manbeck
Show Notes

Today's guest is Niki Manbeck, owner and chief operator of The Nook in Baldwin City, Kansas. I love good, independent bookstores, and so it is with great joy that I bring this episode to you. All links below are from The Nook, so any purchase you make goes directly to support Niki's operations, not Amazon.

Niki's story is one of mental fortitude, humility, and ambition (yes, they can both be present at the same time!). I think you'll really enjoy learning about indie bookstores and what they do for readers like us.

I think what you'll find most impressive, and most heart-warming, is the response Niki's community had when The Nook went through a rough patch (putting it nicely). You'll love this story. I guarantee it!

Niki recommends the following books for your sci-fi fix:
Raven: Melinda Hipple
The Southern book club's guide to slaying Vampires: Grady Hendrix
The Book Eaters: Sunyi Dean

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