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Taylor Anderson Purgatory's Shore

September 28, 2021 S. Daniel Smith Episode 56
Coffee in Space
Taylor Anderson Purgatory's Shore
Show Notes

Taylor Anderson is, to put it bluntly, a friend of the Coffee in Space podcast. Not only have I enjoyed every single interaction I've had with him, but he's also lent me his audience and his pull. He's taught me so very much about alternate history and speculative fiction. More than that, he's taught me how to fall in love with a character.

And so many people have fallen in love with Taylor's Characters. If you get nothing else from this interview, I hope you've understand a touch of what makes Taylor such a gifted writer. His worldbuilding, of course, is on point. It has to be because of the alternate world and history in which he writes. But it's more than just worldbuilding. It's characters we want to love. Taylor nails it.

Enjoy this episode and then the next one, which is ten more minutes with Taylor. I think you'll be happy you did. Get it HERE.

And when you're done listening, grab a copy of Purgatory's Shore!

You can learn more about Taylor at his website HERE. A great resource for learning more, once you're a bonified fan of Taylor's writing, is to visit this FB fan group.

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